Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Behind The Velvet Rope

At Bad Behaviour, we spend most of our time looking forward, being often busy with new challenges and gigs. There's no time to pat ourselves on the back or do much navel gazing. It's easy to forget all the cool jobs we've done. 

While recently updating and reorganising my recent portfolio, I came across a  photoshoot from a bondage workshop I attended in Melbourne during its Leather Pride Week Celebrations. Cameras normally are not allowed at the workshops, however the organisers allowed me the rare priviledge of documenting this extraordinary fetish event. 

Till I make my final selection for release, Check out this sneak peek video of some of the images captured from this special shoot, that till now has not be unreleased.  

I expected that the presence of my camera would make at least some of the guys attending uncomfortable and interfere with the level of intimacy that they choose to express. And that was the last thing I wanted. I wanted to capture the magic, connection and authenticity of people discovering and learning new aspects of their sexuality.

But the people attending were so open and proud and they shared their wonder, discovery and pleasure with me through the camera. I was blown away by their trust and openess. It was the first time I really understood the level of professional respect and trust I had earned in just a few years of my photography career.  I'm so proud of that reputation that allows models to allow me in to an authentic moment or experience, even when I'm photographing them at their most vulnerable and intimate. People nearly always say afterwards that working with me is amongst the most positive and supportive experiences they have had. That means the world to me.