Sunday, June 10, 2012

Body Wonderland : Skye Boyland

Gorgeous Skye Boyland has one of the hottest bodies we've ever come across, and certainly one of the naughtiest smiles. Skye was Australian Natural Bodybuilding Mr Victoria 2007, and today is a Australian Sports Nutrition Team Member, and a fitness expert working in nutrition, health, general fitness and grooming for XWear.

We noticed the star quality of this sexy man from the moment we laid eyes on him... and when we presented our preliminary photoshoot with him to DNA magazine, they insisted we do a fashion shoot with him for the upcoming issue of their magazine. DNA subsequently loved the shots we did with Syke so much, that they made him the cover boy of issue #97.

Ross and I did this photoshoot with Skye at one of my favourite locations in Melbourne, and certainly one of the hippest hotels you can stay at in the city - The Adelphi Hotel. It is one of Melbourne's original designer boutique hotels, and it boasts a clear glass based swimming pool that counter-levers - seemingly dangerously - over the edge of the building.

Many of our photos from this shoot have never been published. Here are some of them for your viewing pleasure. Would you like to see the rest? Lets know in our comments section or on our facebook!

Enjoy and share!

Travis de Jonk

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