Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Circus Stevie - Shows us the ropes

Educator, circus performer, hairdresser, and personal trainer; Steven Hay is damn sexy a man of many talents. Also known as Circus Stevie, he decided later than most to run away with the circus. In fact he decided only 5 years ago at the age 23, that it would be a great way to get fit after abdominal surgery. He fell in love with the circus world and has never looked back. 

Being in front of audiences comes very natural to the 28 year old... and an audience (us included) is rather fond of having this sexy ginger bugger in-front of us.

Although having a day job, Steven somehow managed to fit training in various disciplines such as tumbling/acrobatics, hula-hooping, fire manipulation, juggling and Fixed Trapeze into his busy schedule. 

You may have seen him performing with his hoops or hanging from the ceiling at Sircuit as part of 'Jack In The Box', Red Bennies bar, Midsumma Festival, dance parties or various corporate events around Melbourne... or simply enjoying a beer at his local ;-)

Fresh from an intense circus bootcamp with The Flying FruitFly Circus (covered in various grazes and mysterious bruises yet full of new tricks and inspiration), Circus Stevie is set to take on the world with some exciting new acts in the works! This was our first shoot with this very talented man... and it definitely won't be our last.

Enjoy and share!

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